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Letter of Inquiry Guidelines

Letter of Inquiry Guidelines

Organizations that seek support should first submit a letter of inquiry.  The Foundation office accepts one letter of inquiry, per organization, per grant cycle.

The letter of inquiry is to be submitted via email to  The following information should be included:

  1. A concise overview of the organization and its mission.
  2. A brief description of the purpose for which the grant would be used.
  3. The amount of funds being requested and the total budget of the program or project.
  4. A brief statement of the proposed outcome of your program or project and include the number of people served, the location of people served and any other relevant measures of success.
  5. A short paragraph describing the plan and timetable for successful completion of the program or project.

Please contact the Cloudbreak Foundation with any questions regarding our grant requirements at (703) 243-6092 or by email.

Letter of Inquiry Review Process

The Foundation will review each letter submitted.  You will receive a response, either by e-mail or letter, indicating the level of interest in receiving a full proposal.  The decision to accept or reject a letter of inquiry is final.

Consideration may be given to letters of inquiry – for shortened review and approval processes – due to emergency or critical needs.

If a proposal is sought by the Cloudbreak Foundation, you will be contacted by e-mail with proposal requirements.